Advertising in Morocco: From the written press and billboards to the current online panorama

Advertising in Morocco has been always linked to its particular recent history. This paper deals with the development of advertising in Morocco from the beginnings in written press to our days. The existing relationship between European and Moroccan advertising companies will be analyzed and the rule adopted in 2003 regarding media and the communication sector that boosted its growth and therefore its advertising capability. There will be an analysis of the uses of Darija in Moroccan advertising in its written production.

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Ismael Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense España
Omar Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense de Madrid España


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  2. Salud Flores Borjabad2020-04-02 19:45:09

    Hi guys, Congratulations! I think it is a good work. However, I would like to know if these aspects are common in more Arabic dialects such us ammiyya. Additionally, I would like to ask you if the influece of Europe or the United Stated could be a consequence of colonization of the Arab world, in general. Thank you so much for your presentation. I think it is very interesting.

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