Branded Content and Branding of Moroccan Mobile Operator and Media Companies in Darija through Digital Communication

For the purpose of this paper we will analyse the different use of languages in Morocco such as Darija and French in the context of digital communication. There is an existing proactive engagement of Moroccan mobile and media operator companies with society through their participatory advertising campaigns and this results in increasing the already existing interest for digital communication in Moroccan society. It is remarkable the use of social advertising initiatives based on different communication media (Internet, media, publications, events, etc.) which ends with a big engaged community that demands companies a big collaborative system of inclusion in their advertising discourse.

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Ismael Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense España
Omar Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense de Madrid España


  1. Omar Salem Ould García2020-04-03 15:39:26

    Hi, Salud! Thank you so much for your kind post. Even though our study is based on Moroccan information and data, we might be able to trace a tendency in different Arab countries when it comes to online branding and branded content. The main aspect we should be looking at to analize a trend is the origin of the brand and the product or ideas marketed. Egypt has a different recent history and different uses of the languages present in the country so we dont know up to what point it is possible to state if iit happens the same thing with 3amiyya but will keep on working on the subject and we will take into consideration the point you made. Thanks again!!

  2. Salud Flores Borjabad2020-04-03 10:36:42


  3. Salud Flores Borjabad2020-04-03 10:36:25

    HI guys! I wrote yesterday a question but I think it wasn’t recorded. Anyway, I write again. Firstly, congratulations on your presentation. I firmly believe that it is very interesting and necessary. Then, my question is: can we found these characteristics in other Arab countries such as Egypt ? Are there specific rules for each country in the Arab world? I don't know if it might be commom aspects in branded content or branding in the Arab world or it might be independent. Thank you so much

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