This study analyzes how the lectura transversal (Fernández Mallo, 2009, Postpoesía) of reality conceived by the Spanish author Agustín Fernández Mallo and his literatura expandida –fostered by mutant “network of networks” (Henseler, 2011, Spanish Fiction in the Digital Age, p. 196)– extend from the pages of the author’s novels, poems and essays to his blog El hombre que salió de la tarta.

Inside his blog –and his social media accounts– Fernández Mallo not only disseminates and actively promotes his creative production –e.g. spoken word performances, music projects, artistic experiments– but he also implies himself as a sort of mutant projection of his fictional characters: he “floats rhizomatically in a network composed of his multimedia productions (Saum-Pascual, 2014, La poética de la Nocilla: Transmedia Poetics in Agustín Fernández Mallo’s Complete Works). Fernández Mallo –inspired by transmedia storytelling (Jenkins, 2006, Convergence Culture: where old and new media collide) and by concepts like spam and apropiacionismo (Fernández Mallo, 2009, Postpoesía)– dialogues directly with a contemporary reader/viewer able to subjectively interpret the expressive value of his hypertextual creations that “expand the spatial dynamics of the written word” (Henseler, 2011, Spanish Fiction in the Digital Age, p. 179), through, for example, audiovisual contents specially created for the Web.

In this respect, the study explores how the postpoetic cosmos of miscellaneous materials included into the author’s narrative and essayistic texts is enhanced to better represent a kind of “realismo complejo” (Fernández Mallo, 2018, Teoría general de la basura, p. 20) in two specific cases: Proyecto Nocilla, la película and Primera Directísima a la Cabaña Wittgenstein (una llave eterna). Proyecto Nocilla, la película is a poetic amateur film –included in the author’s blog, and on the web platform Vimeo, via Santillana Vídeos– directed by Fernández Mallo, which explicitly broadens the horizons of the literary universe of  Fernández Mallo’s novels Nocilla Dream (2006), Nocilla Experience (2008) and Nocilla Lab (2009). Primera Directísima a la Cabaña Wittgenstein is a documentary shared through the YouTube channel of the author –nocilladream– and that of the publisher Galaxia Gutenberg in two versions: English and Spanish. The documentary expands ­–together with Juan Feliu’s adaptation of Concierto para la mano izquierda de Ravel (a Paul Wittgenstein) and four other artistic films– the experimental essay Wittgenstein, arquitecto (el lugar inhabitable) (2020) written by Agustín Fernández Mallo with Bernardí Roig and Fernando Castro Flórez. These audiovisual works represent ideal propagations of the “cosmopedia in print” (Henseler, 2011, Spanish Fiction in the Digital Age, p. 179) created by the author: they surf the Web opening themselves to new and infinite narrative beginnings –further mutations and re-readings made by the Fernández Mallo’s model reader/viewer, a proactive lectoespectador (Mora, 2012, El lectoespectador).

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