Toxic masculinities in 2022 Oscars: promoting gender-based roles in the public sphere in massive outreach platforms.

94th Academy Award’s ceremony, where different agents in the global filmic industry were granted the 2022 Oscar Prizes to the recognition of an invaluable contribution to the history of cinema, had an invited –yet unexpected- protagonist. An unfortunate joke, which has generated diverse debates on the limits of expression of all sorts ever since, and a disproportionate physical reaction managed to cast an indelible shadow on the major, US-based, cinema event. While unforgettable, Will Smith’s aggression to Chris Rock will soon disappear from the scope of mass media and integrate in the ana of the Oscars. Despite the anecdotic status the event may soon gain, the repercussions in the spectators’ lives are difficult to predict and the impact in society, as a whole, will remain largely unknown. The global outreach of the celebrity’s exhibition of traditional and protectionist masculinity, as aided by mass media both live and reported, could model the behaviour and interpersonal interactive trends of a sector of the audience, who would find in the influencer and actor a valid model of conduct and a solid endorsement to their currently controversial approach to society as a gender-based compartmentalised construct.

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      Sergio Yagüe-Pasamón

      Comentó el 29/04/2022 a las 15:52:01

      Dear Salud,

      Thank you for your kind remarks. Definitely, as I exposed in my presentation, the unfortunate joke by Chris Rock constitutes, by itself, an intolerable offense which would have been enough to open an interesting debate as for the limits of humour, specially considering the illness-focused humilliation. However, physical violence, which is usually far more visible and explicit than subtle verbal agressions covered by dark humour, inevitably casted a shadow on Rock's potentially censorship-worthy fault.

      As for your second question, the issue is not that the conflict took place between two men but the fact that a man assumes the responsibility of defending a woman who would, according to his ideology, belong to the family unit he leads and protects. Women must be entitled to defend themselves in case they feel the need to.

      Sincerely yours,


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      Salud Adelaida Flores Borjabad

      Comentó el 28/04/2022 a las 14:30:56

      Dear Sergio,

      Congratulations for your presentation. After the incident of Oscars, there are every likelihood of studying this issue in a scholarly manner. From my view, there is a huge protectionism in our current society with regards to women. However, I would like to ask you about Chris Rock. Everybody has seen Will Smith as a symbol of violent man. However, why not a joke is consider a form of violence against the woman? I do not want to justify Will Smith. I think he is pretty clever to response in an intelligent way but he decided not to do it.

      In addition to this, I would like to ask you one more thing. What would you think if this conflict had taken place between two women?

      Thank you so much.

      Best regards,



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